Sunday, 26 April 2009

Our Outing.. Cardiff City Centre of our outing day with blooming red tulips...
My Little One loves watching those flowers....

The kids..attracted to flowers blooming at this place...
..likes bees ...
yet..I'm teribbly sorry.. I didn't know the name of this place..

.. can you see on the left of this picture?
.That is an impressive Victorian structure Cardiff Market..
(sorry again ..I didn't have any close up of that Victorian structure building)

. the blooming red tulips, others flowers...the trees and the surrounding area
makes this place really beautiful.

Whislt passing through this place.. my childrens especially the girls really excited looking at those blooming gorgeous flowers.. especially the blooming red tulips. self too..therefore I can't help my self from snapping a few pics of the flowers and this place.

My daughters asked for my permission to pick the flowers..They asked me..again and again..
''Mum can I pick these flowers..I like it so much...'', says the Little One.
Well of course I..said 'NO'. I gave them a few reason why they can't pick those flowers.
For the Little One .. I have to give a full explaination to make her really understood and satisfied...such as the flowers in this place were planted by the city council gardener' make this city especially this place beautiful. Yet.. everybody were welcomed to this place..

Then.. my little one said, '' I wish our backyard can turn to be like this place ..mum..''
''So that I can look after the flowers..watering them..and picking too''

..very sweet to hear all those words from her ..purely honest..and straightforward.

..I said to her..'' we had flowers at our back yard.. we had daffodil..and all those colourful flowers..we bought from carboot sale.. and now..we had bluebell too..''

she replied back..
'' I knew that mum.. but I want more than that..I want just like this place.''.

..I can't remember the rest of our conversation.. but I remember her siblings gave her more reasons about why she can't pick the flowers and why we didn't have that much of flowers at our backyard garden...

Thanks to both of you...who always work together .. giving a very good explaination to your Little Sister.

My daughters like picking flowers..
..likes daffodil..,dandelion ,blue bell, daisy.. and any wild flowers they found..
nevertheless....that's a part of their childhood life..,right?

At that time, when I saw them, I saw myself at their age..
..I love picking flowers too.. especially hibiscus..,bourgainvilla..and
sometimes lantana too ( not bothered by the smells of it ..)

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