Monday, 27 April 2009

Can you see the difference..09

....trees without leaves..and the ground was covered with snow..

..snow covering Seven Oak Park..

..a view of another angle The Seven Oak Park..
..blanketed with the 'white stuff'..on that day

A truly beautiful view.
Even though my finger pain due to the cold stiffness,
I remember .. I can't help my self from capturing all these photos on that day.
..just want to share this views with my family and friends at Malaysia, especially those who didn't have an oppurtunity to be in this four seasons country...

I really love to watch these fresh green... I don't know how to describe it in words..
by looking at those green..really gave a heart serene..
Amazing creation by Allah


... All the praise is due to Allah,
..the Creator of Everything

.. my favourite trees in springtime..

.. what do you think?.. it looks beautiful is it?

..the grass

Now, you can see the difference between spring and winter..
..All the photos above were taken at the same place, Seven Oak Park...
..and yes.. at the difference seasons.

All those views .. I saw them almost everyday..Yeah...this is part of my daily routes from home to my children's school...
Autumn is my favourite season.

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