Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My Little One : Fairy Princess

Its a lovely day..yesterday. The children already back to school. Thus, in the afternoon only me and my Little One at home ( she finished her nursery school early..about 11.30 am everyday..). As usual, she knew how to make her self happy... while I'm busy cooking the meal at the kitchen.., she kept herself busy too.. by dressing up as fairy princess ( she likes to dress up as a princess very much..and playing with the magic wand) .

..Before that, she asked me to read for her the story book , entitled 'Mr Scarecrow', which she brought back from her nursery school.

Every monday she will bring back a new story book from school and asked me read aloud to her..not only that,..she wanted me to hold the book in the same way as her nursery teacher's did . If she fancied the story ..then.. she will asked me to read it again and again..until she was satisfied. Moreover, sometimes she read the book on her own version story ..(.. she can't read yet) and all her dolls and soft toys as the audience..listened to her story telling..,so sweet..

Okay..back to the Fairy Princess.., after dressing up on her own.. she asked for my permission to play outside..at our backyard. Hence, since its a beautiful day..what else that can be said ..except 'Yes.., and be careful..''. She really happy when I opened the door and let her out..Me? I just watching her through our kitchen's window from time to time..just to make sure she was fine.

..right after completing my task..and I can't help from snapping a few photos of her as a fairy princess..Just want to share that 'entertaining moment' with all of you..

At that time, she pretended that she was a fairy princess..and by waving the magic wand.. she made all the wishes came true.. not only that..she turned everything she pointed with the magic wand to anything she wanted it be..She kept saying to me..'' Don't worry mum.. as long as I have this magic wand.. everything is going to be fine..''. she did asked me to join her playing outside. But I said..'' Not now, I have to finish my cooking first..''. Then.. I remembered she said.. ''Don't worry mum..I'm a fairy princess, I can help you ..with this magic wand..'' . She kept me smiling and entertaining..all the time and .. she not stop talking..too.. either with me..or with her dolls and soft toys...That's my girl.. always brighten up our day..and the similar story to the other two.

They are the most precious gift to us .. Alhamdulillah.

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