Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Little One : Scootering

Today.. another lovely sunny day. My dearest little one.. was so excited looking at the lovely bright day ..The moment she stepped out of her nursery school..I remember the first sentence popped out of her mouth..,

''Mummy, can I scootering ...when picking my brother and sister ..?.''

..I smiled at her.. and replied..

''It depends to the weather condition..I don't want to say anything yet.. I'll decide about that later''.

I knew my answer did not satisfy her..She seemed a little bit upset with my reply. I felt guilty about ruining her happy mood..Yet I didn't want to say yes..avoiding to disappoint her later.

Therefore, I started our new conversation by asking about her day at nursery school today. As usual.. she claimed that she has been hardworking at school. She played water and bubble ... and she keep talking about it.. Thus, I knew.. that activites really struck her attention today... She forgot about 'scootering'... until we reached home..

..Consequently, when it was time to fetch her siblings..She asked me..

''Mum, can I scootering ..? its a lovely day... I can see the sun..I promise I will listen to you.. I'll do whatever you ask me to..''.

Oh dear..she is always very good in requesting something.. How can I refused her..looking at her face.. and the way she asked me.. , what else can be said except..

'' Okay, but.. you must listen to me.. and you know my rules..right?''.

She was so delighted..and straight away went downstair ..put on her sweater, socks and shoes.

... There she went... scootering all the way from home to Ninian Park Primary.. she sang her nursery song..and she kept her promise to listen to me..followed my rules.. and behaved very well.

...and it was another happy day... for my dearest little one...happily scootering.

..gorgeous ..& ..fresh .. ..& ..calm..

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