Thursday, 2 April 2009

The apples of my eyes

my son... always curious about something..

Today is our childrens last day at school.. before starting their Easter Holidays for two weeks.They were very excited..about staying at home and ..of course ..playing games, drawing, reading, playing with their toys, watching TV, playing at the back yard...and enjoying whatever mum's cooking.

I'd already told them this Easter Holiday we are not going anywhere.. because their dad have a lot of works to do regarding his studies. My second daughter said, '' Fine..all that we want to do are just staying at home''.

Actually, as a mother.. sometimes I'm a little bit worried about what did they had learnt in school. Most of the time they only bring back homework in a piece of paper..once a week or none at all. Normally it is only for Maths. (Not only that, I'm quite worried about their Islamic Education too)

my daughter... she will never give up to achieve her aims..

Yesterday, my son and second daughter brought back..certificates from school.My son was awarded with 'Governer Award' for his hard work and good effort in class or homework whereas my daughter, certificate for completing her swimming lesson and 'Good Behaviour Award' from her class teacher.

Both of them so eager to show their certs to me. I saw their big smile on their face while walking towards me. At that time, I knew there must be something wonderful happened to them..but I just wait until they broke the news. It may be nothing special for certain people..but for me..whatever involved in their development at school, that is always something to be proud of.

my little one.. always want to be like her big brother..sister, mum and dad..

Consequently, I gave the three of them a kiss at their forehead, and told them I'm absolutely delighted..and they really made me proud of them. We talked about that all the way home...

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