Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Coffee Stains

Today, ..teringat pula kat orang-orang yang berada di Malaysia. As usual, ..when problem arise rasa nak sembang ..unfortunately, nobody here but the kids..and me. Problem ? Actually it was nothing... only about a coffee stains at the carpet. My boss, called me this morning to inform about it...since knowing that I just can't stop thinking about it. Silly me.. it was not entirely my fault but ..I have to do something about it... Yup..,I have to take the responsibility of it.

As usual, I browse the learn more about how to remove the coffee stains from carpet. I've found a few useful information about it..hopefully it works. Oh dear.. things like this sometimes can caused a headache to me.( and this is not my first time..)

That's why..tiba-tiba teringat je..kat Malaysia..especially those in the photos .Anyway, I'm glad that..I'm not going to stuck with this job for the rest of my life...

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