Thursday, 9 April 2009

Our Dinner : Tom Yam Ayam..dan Sayur

Our dinner today.. another yummylicious dish..Tom Yam Chicken and Mixed Vegetables..

Actually, this version of tom yam..slightly different with what you can find from the most of the stall at Malaysia. Mine.., actually added with coconut milk. Previous years ago, me and my husband really liked to have Tom Yam at Cafe Baja, Ampang. Thus, since my husband liked so much., I tried to cook same taste like that (again usual..experimenting with the ingredients ). But, didn't match at all..However, my husband love it ..and now..our children as well.

From that point, when I cooked Tom Yam.. it is this version. Thus, why not you tried it at home..who knows you will like it too...

The recipe... hmm..honestly, I'm not good in giving people recipe of my cooking..Everything I cooked I just according to the amount..I thought it will be enough..or whatever I had in the kitchen.

Anyway, here I give you..according to what I had used yesterday.( at least you will have a basic idea of it)


1/2 bottle ready made tom yam paste. (depending on how strong the flavour you want.)
2 tbsp galangal ( i used from the bottle too..)
4-5 stalks lemongrass (trimmed and bruised)
4 onions (cut into wedges))
5 tomatoes ( cut into wedges)
1 stalk celery ( chopped)
sugar to taste
5-6 kaffir lime leaves( depending on you..and stemmed)
1 cup coconut milk ( again..depends on make it smoother flavour)


1 1/2 chicken ( cutting into small pieces)
Vegetables?..depends on whatever vegetables you creative.For instance mushroom, brocolli, cauliflower, pepper and carrots.

1.boiled the chicken with the ready made tom yam paste, tomatoes, onions, lime grass, and celery, galangal.
2.taste them..usually it end up too sharp ..Thus, add a bit of sugar to make it just nice.(depends on you)
3. put the mushroom, carrot, pepper, then after 2-3 minutes brocolli and caulifower..
5..and let them boiled again..and add the coconut milk..followed by lime leaves.Stir to combine and remove from's ready to eat.

Actually..we ate this for our dinner with plain rice and breakfast..with fried rice..

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