Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Lets Read at Library 070409

First...,find and pick the kind of books you like..
Don't rush it ! ..Take your time...my dear.

.. reading their books..
It's great to see them.. indulged in their book..

..Whoops..this little one..she knows how to have fun..
What is she doing?

At this moment, she pretends that is.. her house and now..time to sleep.

As I have said before,..this is an inviting place for children..

..All the books above.. choosen by my daughters..
At least,..everybody have an idea..what kind of books they liked.

Whose books are these?
Well...from the book's tittle you can guess....My son.

Reading is my hobby..but now I'm glad that all my childrens share the same interest with me.From time to time,.. I encouraged them to read...at least..one book per day..especially during school holidays...But now..I can see that they enjoyed reading..and sometimes discussed about what they had read...

Hopefully, their interest in reading will last forever.

I always said to them, reading can offers us an exciting adventure. It leads the way to an exciting world of experience..and sometimes through reading it temporarily getting us away from our own time and place,.. sending us to imaginary world..( well of course, it depends on what you read)

Hence, indulged in reading will put aside our problems and obligations of everyday life for the time being...just take it as a recreation..


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