Sunday, 5 April 2009

Our Favourite ; Reading

Last Thursday, on the way back home from school .. me and my kids stopped for awhile at Grangetown Library.

I asked them to pick their own books to read during their Easter Holidays.(at least they have something useful to do )Therefore, my two young daughters made their own choice. (and me too).

The young guy.., he already have one which he borrowed from the school library.So, he wanted to borrow none from the library.He said, ''one is enough..since its a thick book''. I just agreed with him as long as he reads.

So, instead of stopping there for 10 minutes, we spent nearly an hours at the library..for choosing the books and reading as well.
I really love to spend my times with my kids there.It is really inviting place for kids and comfortable too.

Actually, I thought.. all the books would be finished by them after a guess was wrong. They finished all the books on that evening. Excellent..I'm glad they did.. and I do hope that reading can be part of them..

Thus, may be tomorrow we are going to the library again.. to return all the books and borrow a new one.

Me.... I treat my self with Danielle Steel - 'HONOUR THYSELF'

D.S is one of my favourite author. Before this, I stopped reading English novel..since the price for the book at Malaysia were really expensive which I can't afford it. ( its not worth it..anyway)

So, at that time I switched to Malay novel such as from Alaf 21..especially written by Sharifah Abu Salem and Norhayati Berahim.

Momentarily, I have the oppurtunity to read the English novel again as I easily can borrow from the library.. or purchase them at Carboot Sale.. for only 20p ..25p per book. Or sometimes I can even get the book for only 10p..real bargain is it?

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