Friday, 24 April 2009

Our Dinner...n Breakfast..: Spaghetti 'rebus'

Today, another similar stories.. about our daily meal... That's my life a full time housewife or should I say 3/4 times housewife..and 1/4 times for my other activities..such as surfing the internet..(or more than that.?. Well.. it depends..)

Yesterday, while having breakfast together.. my son reminded me of our evening meal .. He didn't want rice but the other two..didn't mind at all..either rice or something else. They both agreed to anything with chicken..

Thus, I suggested to my son.. ,''How about spaghetti ?''.
Good, he agreed with me. Then I asked again,
'' How would you like it? ..Fried or soup...''.
He said..,'' any kind of soup..and please not fried spaghetti'. ..''
''That's good neither ..I prefer any kind of soup..too''.
I agreed with him.
''Okay..I will figure out something.. base on what we have in the fridge''.
Frankly , I have no idea.. what am I going to cook..
Next..after referring to Myresepi.. I thought.. may be.. 'Mee rebus' or 'Mee Kuah'.

Actually, the truth is..I miss my mum's Mee Kuah.. Yeah.., how can we forget our mum's cooking.. she's cooking with love....and it will never be the same with others.. No one can cook like her ..the special.

Back to my cooking,..after understanding most of the 'mee rebus..and mee kuah' recipes from that site.. finally, as usual I came out with my own version...Why.? because.. at the very beginning I intend to make 'mee kuah'.. but the end of the cooking.. I added 'instant mashed potatoes' to thicken the soup..thus.. it was more like 'mee rebus'..but I didn't bother about this 'mutant soup'( may I call it 'mutant soup'?) as far as my childrens..liked it very much.

( anyway, there was no 'mee' ..only spaghetti..Thus..for our dinner yesterday..and breakfast today... Spaghetti the readers out there..enjoyed..the pics..hmmm)

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