Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Indoor Rock Climbing at Channel View Centre 080409

Si kecil.. tidak layak lagi untuk melakukan 'Indoor Rock Climbing'

Thus.., she plays at the playground next to Channel View Centre.
She keeps saying, ''I want to my brother and sister''.
..then I remind her what the instructor told before ....
''Dont't worry, wont't be long... the time flies..''

Rehat seketika..for 10 minutes at the cafe..

The Little One..can't help herself to grab the golden chance, tried her brother helmet.
..she said, ''Mum, I know it won't be so long...then I can climb too..''

My daughter.. just fall in love with this sport..Rock Climbing..
She impressed the tutor again.. today...
..compared to her size.. she did a really fantastic job...she reached the top..
Well done! sweetheart..

...She will never surrender achieve her aim..


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