Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Little One : Moon and Mermaid

blue sky and the moon at Cardiff

Cerita tentang bulan.
While going outside at our back yard to pick my washing..
My little one..who always with me..asked.., 'Mum, is it a moon?''

Then, I just gave a quick look at what she stared at the sky..and said..''Yes, it is a moon''.
Then, she said.. ''I wish I can go to the moon''
''when I big.. I want to buy a rocket.. ..and then I want to go to the moon...''
I just smiled at her..and said,
''Yes..but before that, you must work hard at school.. and be a very good girl''

Then with serious face she said,
''..I work hard at school, I always busy at school,
I did a lot of good work at school..''

I smiled back at her and replied,
''okay..I know you did ..
..and I want you to keep up all those things until you are a big girl...

Actually, it is quite interesting having a light conversation with her ..like this..
...sharing her views, knowing what she likes and dislikes..and etc..

Cerita tentang Mermaid

Last Sunday, while sitting..infront the PC..my little one came to me with her note book.
She opened the book and said, '' Mom, look at this.. is it pretty?''
I look at what she showed to me..and said , '' wow., that's really pretty.. You drew this?''

She seems very proud of what I said.. and with all the smile on her face..
She replied,'' Yes, mummy.. I draw a mermaid..it is special for you.''
I replied back,
''Is it? ,Oh ..I'm very happy to have this drawing...Thank you, sweetie'' ''but ...,where did you get the idea to draw a mermaid?'', I asked her back.

Suddenly, she ran to her room and came back with book, ''Little Mermaid''.
She told me.. she copied from the book's cover..
Its brialliant..For me, she did a wonderful job.

..Thus, I gave her..a big hug and a kiss on her forehead. She really proud of herself..
Well done..my dear...Keep up all the great work.

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