Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Enchanting Channel View 080409

By looking at all the pictures above..
What do you think? ..really enchanting...isn't it? For me.. it is..

Hence, I can't help my self from snapping shots of this enchanting scenery..whislt walking with my Little One at Channel

( notes : actually, we took a walk around the Channel View Centre while waiting for the other two attending their indoor rock climbing session )

My Little One also excited looking at all those boats, river and birds . For a few minutes, she forgot how upset she was about failing to join the rock climbing session.The weather was gorgeous too...with the clear blue sky, beautiful sunshine and a nice wind. A perfect day for us.. I'm totally amazed...

At that moment..again I'm thinking about how lucky am I.. to have chance witness the marvellous at Cardiff.


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