Monday, 20 April 2009

Our Menu Today ..200409

Today, my children back to school after 2 weeks holidays. Hence, my daily routine start busy again.. with preparing food...for their breakfast, lunch box...light supper.. and dinner.

We started our breakfast with fried rice and fried egg.( since 'haddock sweet sour' , and mixed vegetables with fish finger plus squid they finished them all at dinner last night..So, no choice..just fried rice..with fried egg)...

Then, while walking with them to their school.. the Little One reminds me of the sticky rice.. and 'meat rendang' or 'chicken rendang' , she asked me to cook them today( actually, I cooked that on last 13 April to celebrate our wedding Anniversary,.. but she said she wanted to eat that sticky rice again..Because that meal was her favourite meal ).

So, after picking her from school.. we went to the shop..bought chickens, meat and glutinous rice as well. Yet..later I changed my mind..I prepared 'Kuih Lopes' instead of 'Pulut Kuning' . Why?..because I already take out the Salmon Fish and Mussel from the fridge...And yes ..of course.. I asked the Little One she alright if I changed the menu.. and luckily..she agreed with long was sticky rice.

Thus..below are our menu for today...

For the recipe... as can easily get from Myresepi or Myresepi
Mine..I read the recipe..understand it..but not totally followed the instructions given.

For our Dinner Tonight....
Rice..Mixed Vegetables..and Salmon Fish Curry with Courgettes.

Hmm... My children liked this curry so much..
..especially because that salmon fish were boneless.. ..need no worries about the fish bone.

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