Sunday, 14 June 2009

Food : Menu Minum Petang 08-09

Kuih Karipap.. the pastry I made..according to what I had seen my mum did..long..long time ago.. At that moment, we sitting around her and watching she made the 'karipap' for our 'minum petang' ....she didn't encourage us to help her . Because.. she claimed we will only delay her work...Hence, it's a very big help if we just watching what she did...

From the pictures, well... all of you can see I'm not good to 'klim' the 'karipap'..but, at least I tried..hehe..So, well done to my self.

And.. I made these 'karipap' last week...after not doing it for long...long time.

These are Kuih Ambon..or ' steam sponge cake'. All of you can get the recipe from my previous post..Kuih Ambon. I really loooove making this type of 'cake' ..Why? Of course because it is easy to make and the taste also fantastic..Thus, why not try to make it yourself...too.

Kuih Seri Muka ... The truth I'm not a big fan of any 'kuih' with 'glutinous rice'...Nevertheless, as time passes by, it changed. Especially my second child..really loved anything with this sticky rice..

I made this 'kuih' because of her too..She was fasting on that day..and she asked me whether I knew how to make the 'kuih' which is green on top with the sticky rice at the bottom.. I'm glad I can fulfill her request on that day... And she approved the taste by saying, '' mum, its the same taste likes what I ate at Malaysia..''.

Hmm...yes we can do it if we really want to do... right? only is only a matter of time for making it..

For the recipe..please refer to MYRESEPI

Kuih Lapis...with red and green layers..

Kuih lapis... another 'kuih tradisional' . I made this 'kuih' also because of my daughter. She did mentioned to me one day that she feeled like to eat the kuih with white and red layer..
''Mum, can you cook the 'kuih' which have layer..white and red..for me?''..
'' Did you know how to make the kuih?'' ...sort of questions she asked...

''Why?.. You want to eat the 'kuih'? ,I asked her back and ... she nodded ..and said, ''Yes ,mom..feel like I want to eat them..''.

Hence as usual I'll said, '' I'll try my best to make one for you... ''. .thereupon, yup.. I did tried it..and found's not so difficult to make.. just like I thought it would be..

Recipe for Kuih lapis

1 cup of rice flour ( sift the flour)
1/2 cup of plain flour( sift the flour)
1 cup of sugar ( reduced if too sweet)
1 teaspoon of salt
1 can of coconut milk (..can substitute with fresh milk too..)
1 teaspoon of cooking oil
food , green..( depends on you )
4 cup of water.

Method :.

1.Blend all the ingredients except for 2 cups of water..
2. Divide the mixture into two bowls.., each bowl for one colour such as red and green.
3. Then you can start pour the mixture for the first layer ..cook in the a steam pan covered for 5-7 minutes..
4. Pour the next layer with the other colour...again cook for 5-7 minutes....and repeat this step for all the next layer..
4. Finally, for the last layer cook for 20-30 minutes until all cooked.

Anyhow...all of these food ..were part of my ''adventures in my kitchen''... hmm..I 'm still learning ... and so much thing to learn...

Notes :No amount of words can ever truly express my gratitude to my wonderful husband who has supported me in whatever I' m doing..through all the years of our marriage.


MahFuzaH said...

kak lieza..bestnye buat makan2 hari tu..tak sempat nak datang kerana lambaian malaysia yang begitu kuat mengatasi segalanya..

sedap2 la kuih2 ni semua..terliur pulak saya kat sini.. nanti saya balik cardiff saya bgtau kak lieza na..

tak sabaq nak makan kuih2 yang kak lieza buat..

lieza said...


tu la..hari tu akak nak ajak..tapi balik cepat sangat

kuih2 tu....kat gambar je kot nampak elok.. rasa macam biasa je. boleh la..nak makan..

tak pe..nanti dah balik sini.. mai la..umah akak. Insya Allah akak masakkan.