Saturday, 6 June 2009

The apples of my eyes : 2005-06 little one...with her first Care Bear.. little one..hmm..really love this moment...
Seeing these pictures .. I can't believe how time flies..
It seems like just yesterday my Little One was just a baby..
hehe..she still a baby for me.. but she talks a lot..

My boy and my girl... they have missed place like this..
but, don't worry won't be long.....just be patient and
..never stop praying for your dad successful in completing his studies ..
( soon as possible.., You can do it! dear. .)

..the apples of my eyes... the time flies as they grow up..

Congratulation to my dear son..
You really made us proud of you..

Always remember that of the most important things about learning.. the never ending efforts for improvement....

Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik 11 oktober 2006

Now.. congratulation to my dearest princess..

You made us proud of yourself...
Your hard work paid off on that day..right?
..always remember..
''Never stop trying..and never give up!''

At that time..her brother got the 5th place in class..but it's alright. You still made us proud with you.., son. We knew that you had work hard. Yet, it was so competitive, right? So may be next time..the day will come again..

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