Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Our day at Hadrian's Wall Country - Walltown 240509 Part 1

..My two dearest princess sitting on our car...
..while waiting for the handsome king and his gorgeous prince check out...
'' mum.. they're coming... ''
'' hi dad...hi hazz....we waiting for both of you..ages..''

Whoops! the truth they were not late..only us, too early..
Sorry guys..

This is our first overnight place.. during our trip to Scotland..23-28 May 2009.
Carlisle Central North Premier Inn ..nice place..and the kids loved it..

... this is what I like about my children..
..they always shown interest to know about something..

My boy and my girl ..both heading to the information board nearby and read..
At that moment, that was the best place to gain information about the Hadrian's Wall Country.

Dearest children
Both of you.. did the right thing. Excellent
.....Always bear in mind..
''Reading is the key to knowledge..''
''read! read! read!''

..wherever we go... I always love to see.. children enjoy and cherish every moment together..

..the three of them... the apples of my eyes..

My second child.. she loves adventure activities.. such as rock climbing.
But you hardly believe your eyes if you see her in person.
Look at her... she can't help herself from climbing... whislt the other two.. keep saying..
'' mum .. dad.. look at her... she's standing on top of the rock..''
At that moment, our princess just put on a big smile on her lovely face..looking at us. So cute...

Well..I guess the other two.. wanted to do the same thing. However, their sister managed to climb the rock.. first. She is the winner!

Looking at the other two faces....I guess they must be jealous of her..
Hmm.. Am I right ? ..but don't be jealous of her...Just let her have some fun..

Me and my husband..didn't say anything... it's alright as long as she knew how to take care of herself..but if you fall down..don't cry to us.!

Sometimes... situation like this ..I silently say ..''NO, don't do it'' ...because I worry about their safety, but I can't always say NO ..right.. ?

Then... three of them..enjoying themselves.. running that place..while waiting for me and my dearest husband... enjoying the peaceful and spectacular view at Wall Town, Hadrian's Wall Country.

..stopping by for a moment..

I hardly remember..the reason ..
Oh yeah..may this time they tried to figure out the way to reach the top of the hill..
Hmm..since we were there.. why not we explored the place. Its one kind of exercise too.. Am I right, dear? should be thankful to your beloved dad.. to bring all of us to that place...We really have a wonderful time there..and it is really good place for energetic kids likes three of you...

Thank you ,darling .
Thank you so much...on behalf of the kids and from me too.

Finally, we on the right path to the top of the hill...
'' lets go..''
''This is another new experience for three of you..''

Me? No..I did this before...
..during my life as a student..long..long time ago..
I like jungle trekking and camping.. Not really ... may be I'm too old for that...

...walk..walk..and last we reached that place..
( not the top of the hill ..) rest..for a few minutes before continuing walk .

In order to go up the hill we have to pass through the gates and walking through a sheep field. The children was so excited about last they can see the sheep closer..
Meanwhile, our Little One asked us to let her rest herself a few minutes more...

'' I'm tired''.
'' I want to sit here...''

Yeah, we knew that she exhausted. Poor little girl.. but.. you can do it...
The other two still energetic.. full of excitement to discover what is on the top of the hill and what is the Hadrian's Wall looks like..That's good. That's the spirit we want in yourselves.

Nevertheless at the same time, they were teasing each saying...
'' Are you going to finish strong..?''
..whenever one of them complaining of tiring..

''We already pass through the gates... '' '' Now, which way dad?''
'' Okay, we walk along the stone wall..''
''..I'm pretty sure it will bring us to the remaining historic Hadrian's Wall''

...may be that a part of their conversation..

Honestly, this kind of activity really made our relationship with our children .. closer.
All that can be said, is one of the way spending quality time together.

...Walking Together In Hadrian's Wall Country ... many attractions along the walks.. especially the scenery.

Okay.. now everybody slowly walking to the top and concurrently enjoyed the gorgeous surrounding view . Actually its quite tiring ..walking to the top.. but for the kids another new experience ..We have to be strong, right? Thus..just walk...and walk... if we get tired just stop for awhile..and then continuing .. till the end.

..we almost there.. Little One, she had an idea.. to assist her walking to the top by using a stick ..

At that same time.. again ..we grabbed the chance viewing the surrounding area..

..The view.. really incredible..
I hardly describe it in words..just see it on your own..if you have the oppurtunity.

Me and My Little One left behind while the others keep on walking.
The Little One.. likes to stop for awhile.. playing..
Its alright sweetie as long as you didn't ask me to carry you..

Hooray! at last we reached our destination, the section of the famous 73 miles long barrier..
Well.. can you see the remaining stone wall , affirmatively, that is section of the Hadrian's Wall which is built by Roman troops during the rule of emperor Hadrian.

If I'm not mistaken.. Hadrian's Wall is one of the topic in History taught at the school, here.
My second child, can't believe her eyes seeing the monument..and she did say..

'' Mum, I learnt about Hadrian's Wall at my school, ..can't wait to let my friends know that I was here..''

Listening to her at that time..nothing much to say except..

''Alhamdulillah, all the praise to Allah.. because He gives you an oppurtunity to see all this...''


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