Monday, 1 June 2009

Day Four 040509 : Holyhead -South Stack Part 2

We reached the South Stack Cliff less than 5 is worth coming for the fascinating view there.

Gorgeous, totally gorgeous place! me and my dearest husband both agreed.. We loved it so much.

At that time, it was nearly sunset..the scenery was spectacular .. quite romantic place.
Thus, we standing next to each other ..holding hands.. watching the sunset together..... listening to the powerful waves crash and enjoyed the wind in our face...

Haha..Well, I just kidding..I read too much novels...The didn't happen at all..

After all..we were not all alone.. especially with our children excitedly running around and climbing..and playing together. Hmmmm..along with taking a few photos..we need to keep our eyes on them..and keep on reminding the kids for their own safety from time to time...Just imagine.Therefore, yeah! that place quite romantic but not us.. Anyhow ..we truly have had a wonderful time together.

Most of what makes us delighted were our children enjoyed themselves .We could see it in their faces and feel the sincerity of their happiness..

Spectacular view..
..even only the rock.. sea .. and grey sky..

(also..cold winds and ..the sound of waves splashing to the rock..)

I love the simple serenity of this view.. ..

another simple serenity view of South Stack ... another favourite view of this place.

.''..behind the scene..''
my daughters.. having fun walking on the rock....

Well..that's one of the reason why this romantic place didn't stimulate romantic mode for us..
All the time..the favourite words here were ..''No''. ''Careful '',''Watch out'' ''Stop it..''
hmm..just imagine the situation..

My mum..can't stand with the cold wind. Hence, she wrapped the blanket around her while wandering around the place ..

At that moment, the rest of us either capturing photos or just admiring the view..
...memorable photos..of us at South Stack , Anglesey , Wales.

..Most of us, were so excited seeing the sunset..but my mum..reminded us of 'Maghrib..'
( you know what I meant..right?)
Thus, not good for us especially the children.. wandered around the place..
( in a foreign country made me forget about all those things..)
..this is my Little One..
She enjoyed herself by wandering around the place..

My dear husband and our second child.. enjoy each other's company..
..taking photos and sightseeing..
..more memorable photos of us at South Stack ..
..a few of the picture with the Lighthouse in the background...

Me., my beloved children....and the South Stack Lighthouse..

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