Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day Nine 090509 : Bath Part 1

This map shown our one day trips .. start from (1) Cardiff....and....

.. Today, I'm back..and thanks for visiting my site..( lately.. I'm quite busy with my childrens...especially the Little One)

Well, I'm going to start with an update on my previous trip with my families from Malaysia. Day nine 090509.It's a day trip.

On that day..our trip were arranged to cover a three differents places ..Bath, Clarks Village and the last one Stonehenge at Salisbury. Luckily, we had a long nice day on that day...therefore we had enough time to go to the places we had planned beforehand.

We really had a wonderful time...

On that day, before wandering part of the city of Bath, we stopped at this place ( sorry ..can't remember the name) for awhile... to give chance for those who in needs went to the restroom. Then, we started walking slowly and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around the place. mom and dad looked lively and vigorous ..after having a day of good rest at our home at Cardiff, Friday 080509.

Well.. an another wonderful day we spent together..

We stopped for almost 5 minutes just to enjoy this peaceful view...

..and of course taking more memorable photos... .
.snap! snap! snap!..

Even on a cloudy day ... it's still offered us a great view..
I loved this scenery..
Hmmm beautiful!

We were walking slowly..and sometimes stop for a while
..just to have a clear picture of this place.

One of the photos husband and our son..
..walking together.. just like always..

It's good to see them that way.

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