Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Food : Kuih Cara Manis 230609

My 'Kuih Cara..'

Yesterday, my son asked me what did I made for their 'afternoon tea'. I said, ''Nothing..but there are a few cuts of Kuih Talam Pandan left''( I made it again that 'kuih' the day before)

Thus, children had that for their light supper. Then, the eldest told me.. ,''Mom, I feel like I want to eat one green kuih..which is have melting sweets inside..''

''Is it kuih cara?'', I asked him
''I don't know what is the kuih's name..but sometimes it looks like a shell.''.

''Hmm may be..'kuih cara'.. '',I made my own assumption.., and ..
''I'll see if we have the ingredients at our kitchen..''.

''Do you want to make it now mom..?,'' he asked me ...

..and I replied back,''Yes..why not..if I have all the things I need at the kitchen..''.

Fortunately, we have everything we, that's it ..before going to work... that 'kuih cara' were ready to eat...

For the recipe,
( for 20-25 )

1 cup plain flour
1 cup fresh milk ( i used milk instead of coconut milk)
1 egg
a pinch of salt
pandan flavour
food colouring -green

sugar for filling.


Blend all the ingredients except sugar and oil.
(We need 'a copper/aluminium mould' to cook this kuih..luckily my mom gave hers to me..last time while I went back for holiday...Thank you Mom.)

Next step,.. oil the mould.. and heat it. ( put more oil not only brush prevent the batter stick to the mould)

Then... pour the batter into each mould and put about a half teaspoon of sugar ( depends on you) onto each one of it.

Cover..the mould ( I used aluminum foil) until it cooks..

Hence..its ready to eat.

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