Thursday, 4 June 2009

Our day at Hadrian's Wall Country - Walltown 240509 Part 2

..then..what else can we do..except..snapping more pictures..
..viewing and admiring the breathtaking view..

..the usual playing and having fun.. two dearest princess.. ..with the wind blowing across their faces. Can you see the background scenery..fascinating right?

My Little One playing with the sticks.. she hardly found one before this..that's the reason she really liked the stick.. and didn't bother to share it with her big sister.Her sister keep on saying..

''..can I borrow that stick ..?..''
''..can I take a look at your magic stick.. ?''
'' I know how to make fun of it...I can show you the way ..either..''

but....My Little One didn't bother to share it with her sister..and answered all the her sister's question with the simple word 'NO'.

My Little One.. end of their conversation ..
..there she is ..

..All alone with her sticks ..

She was sitting there for almost 5 minutes..just for taking a closer look at the stick..
I don't know what is in her mind because everytime I asked her.. she just kept her mouth shut ...till at last came out a few words of her mouth ..

''nothing mum..I just wonder about this stick..''

..Well, may be that stick is unsual things for her...which she rarely seen in her daily life ...
We can't blamed her ..right? (.. due to her upbringing in urban areas..Ampang, Shah Cardiff )

.. All of the them really have a wonderful time..
..enjoying the stunning surrounding scenery..from the remains of Roman walls.
and..My little One playing with her sticks.

From time to time .. I had to remind them to take an extra care of theirselves.. particularly with the strong wind blowing and made us feel..the wind is going to blow us away.. The kids? they were so excited with it... It was an incredible thrill for them. They all enjoyed it and really had fun.. I could see it on their faces. However, not me. It caused me an uneasy feeling to stay longer...( along with I'm afraid of heights ). Therefore,.

'' Childrens..come along with me.. go down the hill..'' .

..the two kids enjoying themselves...
What do you think about the view..?

Me and my Little One..ready to go down..
My other girl still playing with her brother..but then she joined us.

As predicted, only me and my two dearest princess slowly went down the hill ..but it is alright as long as the two girls with me.

'' Take care of yourself ,dear.. don't go too far from your dad..''
'' Don't worry mum..''
'' Dear, I leave Hazz with you.. and I'm going down with the other two..''
'' Okay, it won't be long...,till me and Hazz join the three of you..'', said my husband.

..and at the same time he keep on snapping photos. My dearest husband really loved that place...the breathtaking scenery from the top of the hill....

The Apple of my eyes in action..
'' Look at me..I'm going to fly away..''

My Little One.. she really have a wonderful time. She discovered a few new that place.....which will help to enhance her knowledge...

The Apple of my eyes in action..
...he pretended that he blown away by the wind ....

My boy...always full of question about something ..but it doesn't matter..that's the art of learning too..and you're most welcome to ask us anything you want to know or get anytime.

The Apple of my eyes in action..
''I'm flying..''
''..I believe I can fly..

My dearest princess....She enjoyed every Hadrian's Wall Country..
She always enjoyed visiting new places..but it always begin the trip with ...

''.oooh..I hate it...'',
''.I don't want to go...''',
''Can't we just stay at home...''..
''The journey makes me dizzy..''
'' head is spinning ..''....and .....

but in the always..
'' we stay here a little longer... I like this place...''
''.. I don't want to go home..''

Haha..,we know you pretty well princess.. so, please learn to stop making an argument with us..

Anyway..we love all of you sooooooooo much...
..and ..words cannot describe our love to the three of you..

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