Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day Nine 090509 : Bath Part 2

A park...
..but you have to pay first before entering it..
Thus, we decided...'NO' , we didn't want to make a 'donation' there...
Viewing from outside .. it would be just fine with us...

The garden view taken from a different angle...
My mom... standing at the brick wall admiring the view..

Still remember a few words from my mom..on that beautiful day..
'' cantiknya.. tapi awat kena bayar..bukannya ada apa pun..pemandangan je..''

At that time, I asked my mom,'' Nak masuk ke mak?, kalau nak kami nak bayar nie..''

And as we predicted.. she replied,'' Tok sah..membazir je.. bukan ada apa pun..nak tengok pemandangan kat atas nie pun dah nampak dah...simpan je duit tu untuk benda lain pulak''

..that's my mom...

notes : awat - kenapa, tok sah - jangan ...loghat Penang. interesting place to explore....
So much things to see..and we enjoyed the views..
..therefore we can't help from stopping several times for pictures...

I loved this scenery.. and its really caught my eyes..
..the buildings..the boat.. the river..and everything..

An enchanting view of that place ... from the other angle .

..enjoying the beautiful views..
Well.. we don't know when we're going to see..views like this again in the future...
What a wonderful moment.. we had together.
My mom and dad... relaxing on the nearest relax their legs.
We spent more than half an hours at that place..

No hurry..everybody taking their own sweet time.

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