Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Food : Menu 08-09

Soto ayam.. I made this meal on our first day fasting on Ramadhan 2008..It's so simple..Yet, to cook that 'nasi himpit' took so long.. and that's one of the reason discourage me from making it frequently....or else can say that..this meal are so special..and only suitable for a special occasion..such as birthday celebration. (Now, that sounds better..)

Muffin Roti Sosej Cheese... I can hardly remember where did I get this recipe..It was simple recipe and the sausages can substitute with something else, such as prawn.., chicken, minced beef..or anything you desire.

I made these muffins.. after I found out bread at my home..only have one day left before its Best Before date..Thus, just came across this recipe on my mind..why not I give it a try.. , I read about it somewhere..before this..may be at 'Myresepi.' I'm not sure about it.

...And..this muffins served with chilli sauce...

This is Marble Pudding.. ( I gave the name..by its appearance)

Actually I got the idea to make this pudding after coming home from work at Memory Lane Cake Factory. On that day, they taught me how to create the marble design on top of cakes.. It's quite interesting. I love doing it. Therefore, that evening I gave my self another try by using the pudding mix..instead of chocolate sauces..as at the cake factory.

The taste?.. words obviously can't describe it .Therefore, try it yourself...Then, you will know what it taste..right?.

For the recipe..please refer to MYRESEPI.

Kuih Bakar. I baked them in the muffin tray..I love this 'Kuih'.. but my children didn't share the same appetite .. they can eat this 'kuih' ..but not many.. So, it discourages me to make it again.. an excuse ?..It sounds like one...However, it's not worth it cooking or baking anything they not fancy with.. because who is going to eat it..? You?..hehe..just a give me a ring...I'll deliver straight to your door.. : )

This lassagne...rich with cheese... this western food was not to my liking. However, it's a different story to my children and my beloved husband. They loved it!. So, I made it for them. What's inside..? minced beef..and aubergine.(They prefer beef than chicken ...)

For me, this lasagne will taste better with black pepper gravy...

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