Saturday, 20 June 2009

Food : Kuih Talam Pandan 200609

Kuih Talam Pandan..
( I should let the 'kuih' chill before cutting it...but ..I just can't wait..
..since my husband was already late for his class

I really loved this 'kuih' and I'm very glad I'm making my own 'kuih talam pandan', today. Actually, this is my second attempt.. while the first attempt I'm not really satisfied with the result. Nevertheless, as usual my wonderful husband did tell me..

'''s just fine for me.. nothings wrong with it..'' , and he ate them.
(Ohh..thanks dear. Thanks for your support..and thanks for your patience .. )

And today, I just gave my self another try and.. Yup, well done to me.!!..the taste..and everything.. meet my satisfaction.

For the recipe, please refer to MyResepi.

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