Monday, 18 May 2009

Our menu ..17 0509

Kari kepala ikan salmon... bersama timun...tomato.

Yesterday, I went to the chinese groceries .. there were a lot of new arrivals fresh vegetables and fish as well. Nevertheless, I only bought 'kicap cap kipas udang' and a few fresh lemon grass stalk.. That's all..

All the way home, I thought it would be nice to cook Salmon Fish Head Curry for our lunch.. but I didn't turn back to the shop .. just went straight home.

While defrosting the chicken in the microwave.. I've finally made up my mind about our menu that day.Yeah..why not cook the salmon fish head curry.. I've never tried it before..Got to try it since it sounds yummy..( for that time)

Consequently, I went to the chinese groceries.. and bought 3 salmonfish heads. It costs me altogether £3.30, .. for £1.10 each.... Hmm..but that's fine with me.. since my dearest husband already said YES to any reasonable price.. ( Am I right, dear? it reasonable price? I don't know..)

Hence, ..we had salmon head fish curry for our lunch ( only for me and my husband) and dinner...and for our visitors ...

Hmm.. Yup, not only curry..I cooked mixed vegetables.., fried chicken ( for our children) ...and kerabu mangga t00 ( don't have to cook this one..)

Then.. I thought it would be nice if we had the curry with sambal belacan... so, ..with the 'lesung batu' helped.. there was my sambal belacan... something still missing, right?.. no 'ulam'...oh dear.. I can't help my self for that..

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