Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day Three 030509 : Wembley Stadium

After staying 3 days and 2 nights for the families from Malaysia and 4 days and 3 nights for us.. at Travelodge London Park Royal .. That morning we packed all of our things back.. the next overnight place was Travelodge Owestry..

On that morning, everybody looked fresh ...after having long sleep at night... Whoops..they woke up early in the morning....Why? .. Jet lag due to a journey across the time took times until their biological rhythm adjusts to the new local time.. seems we were late that morning..but it doesn't matter as long as we still on schedule.

At the car park.. 'the drivers' had their discussion on the appropriate route to our next destination... Wembley Stadium.. and other attraction places nearby before heading to Owestry..

Oh! yeah..that morning, they still complained of the cold weather, and some of them asked me if I brought an extra coat or anything to help kept them warm. Luckily, I brought extra coat and jacket...thus, I gave to those in need..

It took about 15 minutes from the Travelodge London Park Royal to Wembley Stadium..
Hmm.. we parked our cars at Wembley Retail Car Park.. , free parking.

..Approaching the stadium.., suddenly it came across my minds of my dad's favourite TV Programme long time ago..''Road to Wembley''.. When that TV program shown ..we can't switch to other channel. Then..slowly.. one by one left the living room.. and did somethings else.. left only my dad.. watching alone...

'' ...Abah.. this is Wembley Stadium... we take you here..... to let you view it ..with your own eyes..''.

Actually, the moment we reached that area..,Wembley Stadium already caught my dad's eyes.. I knew he hardly believed, at last in his age ..he could be there...with most of his beloved childrens..(Yan, me, Midi, Jah, and Huda ) and his beloved wife too... I could see him..looked around, admiring the view...

The car park were empty.. Consequently, we grabbed every oppurtunity that comes on our capture as much photos as we could.. Everybody were so excited and in a good sport... ready to pose in front of the camera lens..

More photos.... at the car park...with the Wembley Stadium as a background..
We really enjoyed the moment...
..the weather was excellent too.

Then..what else can we do ? ..except strolling through the Wembley Sunday Market.. in case we found anything we interested to

..So many halal food stalls here... and we spent nearly an hours..sitting around eating kebab and samosa we bought from one of the stalls. ...Then.. enjoying the food ..
....Again, it was a new experience to all of us..

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