Friday, 15 May 2009

Day Three 030509 : Stamford Bridge

... a few shots of Stamford Bridge..
Fascinating building..

This is our second destination on Day Three.. ,Stamford Bridge Stadium.. At first, I suggested we went to Wimbledon Stadium..Nevertheless, considering the time constraints and the distance too husband and my brother in law proposed other alternatives..which was Stamford Bridge.

It took less than 30 minutes from Wembley Stadium to this Chelsea FootBall Stadium..
Besides, my husband and my son ..both are the big fan of Chelsea...

Others..just said 'yes' to any place we had reckoned with...Easy,....because any place here offered an attractive views..and new experiences too.

.. When we arrived to our destination, we captured as many photos as we could. It has become almost customary during the past few days being traveling together ... It seems like every single part of that place we wanted to be part of our shots...

....walking down..
Wow..this Chelsea's home stadium was a big different from Old Trafford..

Why..? There was a wall which full with the player pictures... and that wall were well designed for those who wanted to take a memorable photographs with the team... so nice..

Everybody get excited again ..especially my kids..

...and not only us... almost every visitors did the same things.. We really having fun ..on that time.

While everybody busied chatting to each other while waiting for our turn to capture a memorable photos with the Chelsea Players.. of us .. shouted..
''Where is mum?'' that time..we noticed that she no longer with us...
We looking for her everywhere..and ..then.. there she is.. sitting on the ground..alone.

Why mum sitting there?...

While we were busy captured each others photos...then..there was my mum..found her own sweet place.. near the opposite fence.. sitting on the floor watching us from a distance..

As I told earlier..she have a little problem with walking too far.. Thus, all that she needed was sitting to rest her knee.. especially after a long walk with us..

But each time we asked her condition, the answer always.. she was just fine.. and nothing to worry about.. and all she need only to take a rest.. for a few minutes.

more memorable pictures...with the team pictures..

Abah just standing there, watching us..acting like a kids again while taking pictures..
..At the same usual he looked around ..admiring the views he saw.

one of the photos above shown my brother Midi , his wife Nik and their princess, Fatin.
While the rest..were my kids ..who always knew how to pose in front of the lens..

Whoops..there was one kids and my sister, Yan..
..she don't want to miss the oppurtunity too..

... more shots.. my husband..and my childrens
They really have a wonderful time together..
...all in the same boat..

.. and more shots...from them.. as I said husband and my son..
..the big fan of Chelsea..
''Helloooo...You're on candid camera.''

It is good to see both of them share the common interest...likes chatting together about football match...At that moment, their relationship seem like more as a friend...than as a dad and son..

...Look! they seeing back of whatever photos or video they had taken.. .
...and laugh at it...together

.. while my husband and our childrens busied themselves taking photos..
the others joined my mum.. and dad ..sitting and waiting for us..

..Thank you.. to everybody for being so understanding ..

We really much.

.. Finally, while everybody heading back to the car park, my husband and me..were rushed to the 'megastore'.... Why? what else.. we were looking for any affordable souveniers to bring home....

Thereupon , we had an enough time to take a few more photos outside the megastore and infront of the entrance of museum tours..hence, hurry back to the rest...who waiting for us..

We were terribly sorry to keep all of you waiting..

I could see them as far as the eyes could see,..most of them sitting on the floor outside the building.. everybody..for making all of you wait....

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