Sunday, 17 May 2009

Day Three 030509 : Oswestry.. Whittington Castle

..At last we arrived at Travelodge Oswestry.

Ever since I laid my eyes on this place..I knew I fall in love with it. Located at a countryside area. Wow!...Its a very beautiful place.. Amidst the trees..and its branches are covered with pink flowers, green grass.. bright sunshine.. nice wind..what can I said..? Its perfect ..Indeed words cannot describe my feelings..

All that can be said.. this is the most beautiful travelodge area that I'd been before.. may be because its located near countryside.( we had stayed at more than 10 travelodge..). .. Hmmm.. its kinds of they should pay me for this...right?..However, it's only my personal opinion...others may have different views.

Thus.. most of us took a chance to wander around the place especially the nearest shop, tourist information centre....but unfortunately that shop was closed..

The children played at the play area next to the car park. ..on the green grass... They had a wonderful time running around, laughing and playing catch with each others..

...more pics at the travelodge area... .
All of these pictures taken by my dearest husband..

..both of and son..are the perfect match.. as a cameraman and model...
.. usually, moment like this..filled with laughter.. by both of them..

... part of Whittington Castle surrounding area ....

..It's really gorgeous place .. especially with the pond...the family of duck.. the nest... and everything..It's so perfect just like in picture.Before that day, I always thought of scenery like this only coming from the artist's imagination.... and if I have not seen this...I certainly never thought that there is a place like reality ( silly me.. yeah., living at my country..with busy daily routine..surely I have no time to imagine a place like many other things to think instead of this...)

Everybody was impressed with the peaceful and fascinating view.....along with we had a same thought , a picturesque view.

In truth ,it just like a dream ... standing there together admiring the view..

Thereupon, we slowly step into the ancient castle which is popular for its physical attraction.
Nevertheless, those with camera can't resist themselves from snapping a few more pics what is left of this ruined castle and the surrounding area.

.. this is one of my favourite view.. what do you think?
..I'm speechless...

Photo above taken on my right...while standing infront the entrance of the castle..
..facing the main road..

My Little one asked me..,'' Mum can I swimming .. here..?.''
Obviously the answer was...'' NO, sweetheart.. this is not a swimming pool''
Indeed she asked me again..'' How about the duck.. why are they swimming here..?''

At the same time, she was finger pointing on family of duck.. slowly swimming in the water..
.. Oh no.. with this Little One sometimes I have no ideas the best way to answer the simple question she asked.. But ..luckily my second daughter was around.. Thus, she simply answered all her younger sister question.. until the Little One satisfied.
Good job..thanks to you, dear..

..another picture taken at Whittington Castle from another angle..
again..what do you think?.
Anyhow, the renovation of this castle really turn it into a romantic place ...

..amidst the castle building.. the wooden bridge. across the stream...
... green nicely cut grass..
..whoever seen this place must be fall in love with it..
Am I right?
..Just a lucky guess.. the view from another angle..

..crossing the wooden bridge...another new experience for them..
They loved it...

It's different from the concrete bridge

Whilst walking slowly... admiring the scenery...
Most of us enjoyed taking photos and video recording .. help us remember our vacation together..

...crossing the wooden bridge.. we stepped into the other side of the ancient castle..
Everybody took the chances to wander around this place..
Everyone seemed to have an excellent time.
At the same time,
my mum.. keep asking us to keep on eye to the kids.It's almost sunset..

hmm.. you know what I meant.?

..nearly maghrib... yet we still stroll around the place..
Truthfully, a few of us think..there's something spooky about this place too...

Me? I don't want to think about it...

and.. I was told by my sister the next day.., they didn't dare to take a look to the photos and video they had taken from that place...that night.
eventhough they really admired the place..

Can you guess..the reasons? comments from me.

..I had chance to take the picture above.. shown the castle look like
...a long..long time ago..
No wonder..its spooky...
So many things going on there....

... a few info about this castle... to share with all of you..

''..lets go ... its getting dark..'', says one of us..
Then, slowly we walk out through the path ...... heading to our cars..
On our way to the car park..we continued taking pictures to remember what we did there we won't forget that moment..

While spending time with my parents and my siblings..Yan, Midi, Jah, Huda..and others. I can't help my self from thinking the others... Adik, Hani, Ahmad.. and their families as well .Wish they were here too...with us.

Like what we did..a long time ago.., the eight of us with our young and strong parents.. Eventhough our parents can't afford to go for holiday like what we did now.. they always made sure we have everything we need..especially involving our growth development and studies..

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