Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My Little One : ''Blood''

Since last Friday, my youngest daughter keep asking me about 'blood'.
She started with ..,'' is it any blood in my body?
I said, '' yes sweetie..there is blood in your body''
she asked again,'' is it any blood in your body mummy..''
I said,'' Yes there is blood in my body too..''
she asked again.. ,''how about my brother, my sister and my dad.. Is it any blood in their bodies too..?''

Looking at her cute face..I said ,.''.Yes..honey , all human being have blood in their bodies.''

It seems like she still not satisfied with my answers..I can tell that by looking at her curious face..and as usual, she wants to know more than that. Just like my other kids.

Thus, this morning..while helping her put on her shoes, she asked me again about blood.
''Mom, is it any blood in my body..''
I said..'' of course sweetie.''
''Why did the blood stay in my body's?'' ..I'm quite impressed with her question..at that time.

So, remember what I had learnt a long time ago..
I told her, ''blood plays an important role in our bodies. Not only..in you, me, your brother, sister and dad..but..all the human being and animals too.''

I can see that.. she listened to my explaination very carefully, may be she is trying to digest all the information.

''We need blood to live.. without blood .. we all died..'' when I saying that..she seems surprised ..Oh.. dear.. it is easy to teach my students at school..but not my own children.. they will keep asking..with different kind of question until they meet with the answer they want.. and, as a parents.. we will always try our best to provide them the answer to all the question they gave us. And it is not easy..

Then, she asked again..,'' why is the blood colour is red? why not blue? ''
... oh dear..how am going to answer this.. Thus, I told her..,''actually there are two type of blood..in our body..one is red and the one is white..but.. we can't see the white one..only..the red one.''

Actually, sometimes I didn't know.. how should I answer question like this..especially when it comes from my little one.

But, yeah, I just explained like she is older than her age...and..that what I did to the other two before..especially when facts involved such as in science, maths, history, and geography..

I know.. she still not satisfied with my answer.. and I will try to find books about it..which is suitable for her and read together. Hopefully, she meets with what she wants to know..about BLOOD.

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