Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spring Mac 09

Wanted to share a few photos taken while I was walking on my daily route from home to my children's school. As for me, it was so beautiful, and I could not resist taking a few shots.

'What a lovely sunny day'...that is the favourite sentence from my youngest daughter if she saw the blue sky and the sun..

She always said to me, 'I love sunny day..because you said I can go to the playground..'. Thus, if I picked her from nursery school.. then she saw it is lovely day.. she will beg me to take her to the playground next to her nursery school.

If I refused, she will say, 'please mom..., I used the magic word please so'.. ( before this I taught her, if you need something must say ' please'.. and say it politely..because.. if you did, it will work like a magic wand...but , it depends on what you want..

So, what else I can said, except okay, you can go and have some fun..And of course, she cannot go there everyday even it is a lovely sunny day.

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