Sunday, 22 March 2009

Longleat 31 August 2008

Longleat Safari Park, was one of our special trip to treat our children's. It just like our National Zoo at Hulu Klang, place to see different kinds of animals. But, here the wild animals roaming freely and the visitors in 'cages'.

Why we choose this safari instead of others?
  • It takes only 1 hour 38 minutes from home. Therefore, it is only one day trip.
  • This location was the first drive-through safari outside Africa.
  • Our children's already knew about this place from their favourite TV programme BBC Animal Park.
  • It is not only safari but it offers many attractions such as Longleat Railway, Motion Stimulators, Tea Cup Ride, Longleat Hedge Maze and Safari Boats. ( worth it after long journey from home.. the kids enjoyed each moments while we were there)

Longleat gives a priceless experience for our children especially when the naughty monkeys walking on our car roof. It makes the little ones in the car.. frightened and wanted to go home..

But, after enjoying other attractions.. especially Longleat Railway, Motion Stimulators,Tea Cup Ride.. and Longleat Hedge Maze.. they asked us to come again next time...

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