Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cardiff Bay 290309 : 2

fantastic view from the Waterbus..

peaceful scenery..captured from the Waterbus too


with the clear blue sky...and lovely sunny day..the outcome is an interesting picture.

nice view too..

..what is in the water..?

Our Cardiff Waterbus boarding pass.. £3 for adults and £2 for children

During the Cardiff European Games 2009, we hosted our friend from Sheffield. The following day we took them to Cardiff Bay. We were very excited to try the Waterbus. Unfortunately, we took the wrong boat.We were eager to sail through Taff River bypassing our home and Millenium Stadium to Bute Park.However, when the boat reached the Barrage it turned back to Cardiff Bay. My husband was very dissapointed. He lost £12 and 45 minutes sightseeing in a small loop. For him, the boat went nowhere. So, make sure if you want to try a boat trip, read the brochure first and find the right route.

But, me and my childrens.. it is still something meaningful. We enjoyed the sightseeing.. another new experience for us..

One day we will return and take the right boat. To our guests ( Ina and family), we hope you had a great time in Cardiff. Hope to see you again ...

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