Sunday, 5 July 2009

Notes : Nothing much to say

Nothing much to say.. Lately, I am just feeling a wee bit lazy to update this site. Each entry I have recently written ..appeared 'rubbish' to me..Thus, I just saved all the stories instead of publishing them...

Thereupon, I need to get motivated again....or recharged. May be it will take some time long? At the moment , I don't know...I don't have the answer for it ...time will decide it?Yup..yes.

I currently spend most of my spare time...with..;

First ..just wander around in the virtual world. Well, it just that.. I think it may be helpful to read more..or watching movies.. or do just about anything that will cheer up my day ( such as change my site background).. in order to inspire me back to write...( it really important for me to continue my blogging? depends..right?.)

Second,..reading magazine such as.. 'Woman Weekly' and 'Short Stories' ( affordable..and I found them really interesting and some of the content inside simply a good information to enhance my knowledge)

Third,..walking to city centre...doing some window shopping ...and sometime shopping with my children ( hehe can't resist myself from buying things too...) ..baking..experimenting with new recipes..( hmm ..good activities to fall in love with..Am I right?)

And last but not least.. of course my three little angels occupied most of my time...

hmmm... well that's enough for eyes feel tired...

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