Wednesday, 1 July 2009

By INJdean : About Me

Salam... today I would like to share with all of you ... 'slides presentation' by my second child, Im..
This 'Power Point presentation' was presented infront of us last two weeks.

She likes presenting all her works to us... and it all begins after being an audience of her handsome dad's research work presentation to all of us at our home, using Power Point last year.

Eventhough they could hardly understand the contents of their dad presentation which included many scientific terms, maths equation, a few graphs and diagrams, however, its surprised me and my husband when our children showed high interest to know more about their dad's work by asking questions.

In fact, they're quite fortunate too because their dad was willing to explain bit by bit to them in a simple way of course..and shares all the knowledge he had with them. Well ..yeah to a certain degree they acknowledged the reason kept their dad busy all the time...

We can see clearly though they are still young especially the youngest one and in truth all the knowledge thrown at them by their dad was too high for their level to understand it. Nevertheless, they still interested to know more about it.

How about their dad? He never felt exhausted explaining things to them...


Sometimes, it puts me on smile watching their dad explaining his research work to them especially to the Little One... and at the same time she concentrated listening to her dad and responsed it back by asking more questions...on her own . Yup, I'm impressed with the three of them...wherever they asked any type of question about anything...

Well a parents, we believed that there are no such words of 'stupid questions' .. and they're always welcome to ask anything they want to know from us... Wherever they did, we will always giving our very best to answer it or discussing anything they want to learn more. Its not easy... but we have to try..right?

Back to my daughter Im...

After watching her dad presentation on that day. She asked my husband how did he did 'this and that'...She impressed with her dad's work and keen to learn more about it. Her dad gave her a few explaination about how he did it. Then, the next day she glued infront of this PC hours.. and it's clear she was passionate about her work. She explored everything about Power Point on her own.

Then, a few days after..she gave each of us a note..''You're invited to my Power Point Show.....''. Well done.

She was proud of her works..and as a parents..of course we proud of her too.. we always told the three of them...

''Never stop learning..and never give up''

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