Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Food : From My Kitchen 200709

Complete meal for my beloved husband.
For the kids..I have omitted the 'sayur kacang panjang hati berempah'
and 'ikan bilis halia'...

Hi ..

Its summer school holiday now. With the kids around .. they keep me occupied most of the time. Why ? Obviously,the three of them especially my second child love to see their mom busy in the kitchen. Preparing food...cooking...baking....

Yesterday, early in the morning, she asked,

'' Mom, what do we have for our breakfast today?''
''Rice and ayam masak merah...''
''Hmm..yummy...I love chicken.''

haha...what else ..almost everyday.. we have chicken included in our meals...I think..same goes for other malay families here..Am I right?

For our lunch..hmm the kids just want ' Maggi'. Thus, I bought 3 packs of Maggi.. which were kari, ayam, asam laksa from the chinese groceries nearby. ( Sometimes this 'maggi' really delicious to eat..)

Futhermore.. for our dinner, I have to think of something else..and luckily ayam masak merah still there. Anyhow, they didn't want the same meal like breakfast. Hence,I let them made their choice either plain rice or fried rice..and yup, as predicted fried rice.. which is Nasi Goreng Tomato.

It's so easy..to cook. The ingredients are ; shallot, ginger, garlic, ketchup, fish sauce, eggs and sugar. ( whatever you have in your kitchen..but the main is ketchup..of course).

Well..I served the Nasi Goreng Tomato with Ayam Masak Merah and Salami for the kids.. exclusively for me and my husband..added with 'Sayur Kacang Panjang Hati Ayam Berempah' dan 'Ikan Bilis Halia'.. hehe.. the kids keep asking me the reason they cannot have the Hati Ayam.. for themselves.... Why? Why? Why?...However, they were quite pleased that their meal included 'salami' .. Yummy!


Fikriah said...

salam.. menarik dan meriah sungguh nasi goreng tomato tu..

rajinnya Liza masak...sejak akhir2 ni malas sangat Fik nak masak.

lieza said...

meriah ya..hehe..nak menarik perhatian anak-anak nie..

tak ada la..rajin sangat.. hehe tapi dah kena masak.. no choice..kadang2 seronok juga kat dapur tu.. tu yang boleh keluar macam-macam..

biasalah Fik..liza nie pun kadang-kadang datang gak angin malas tu..