Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My Little One : ..Busy Bee 010709

My Little Busy work

This is a story about my Little One..

On 1 July 2009, while indulging in my fascination with reading a short stories at my son's room..this little princess kept herself busy too..

At the beginning, she was with me in the same room..playing with her toys. Then, I realized that she kept on going in and out of the restroom for washing something.. however I didn't say anything to her ..since she will coming back to me.

Yet...... Oh no!..she not coming back again to the room. However, I didn't bother to find her since I still can hear her voice singing her favourite nursery's song and sometimes talking to her teddies..Flower, Bearnie, Pooh, Poney, Care Bear and Snow Bell.

Now..I can write...anything I want here..

Consequently , I heard nothing from her. Just her silence voice ..and her footsteps ..Hence, I keep calling her name and asked is she alright..what is she doing...and so on..

However, .. she didn't answer me. Hmm..she must be busy with her 'little project' again. As she always be..''Oh dear.. what is it now'', I'm talking to my self.

A couple days before that, she finished her sister shampoo's for washing her soft toys..then.. she nearly poured the whole bottle of her sister's baby oil and their talcum powder by mixing them up in her cooking set..and a week before she she took her brother's card games from his drawer... hmmm.. almost everyday she will invent a new project which is good for her but cause others mad of her.

Oh..dear, anyway... she just like her brother and sister while they were in her age...creative in making mess.
hmmm...look at me mom.. I made for you a beautiful painting....

Thus, I straight away find her and ..she was in the master bedroom. The moment I stepped inside the room I could see her face... she looked surprised and frightened too. Hehe..of course..she will be afraid..she was doing her beautiful art painting on our bed.
Oh my dear little girl...

Looking at her face at that time I don't know what to say... She seems really enjoyed her art.. and she only a little girl.. who having fun on her on way..Is it wrong?..( hehe..of course not but..oh no....the place she chose to do the art work was wrong...and she took her sister's paint..without her permission was wrong...but it's already happened..).

Look at this.... I love playing with this paint...
I know .. you not angry with me mom..
I just want to make an art...

Therefore, instead of shouted to her ...I just said..'' oh no..not again...'',
'' your sister will get mad when she coming home..knowing that you had took her belonging again..''

'' I'm sorry mom... I didn't want to take it but my hand...want to take it..''

''your hand... ? ''

My cupcakes again with her clever answer.. can't stop smiling thinking of it. Exactly like her sister Iman when she in her age... the same reason but from different person.

'' Not me..but my hand.'', '' Not me..but my leg..'' '' Not me.. but my body..''

What else did I can say except...'' Promise that you won't do it again..''
''I can't promise mom...but I will try...''

haha...just like what I said before... another clever answer from her.

Thus, I just took a few snap of herself at her art work.Then, I joined her..and we were having our little conversation about her art...

I did asked her.. when she saw me.. entered the room.,
''what do you expect me to say..?Do you think I'm going to be mad of you?''

She answered all my questions brialliantly..

'' I know that you are going to say oh.. your art is beautiful.'' ''I love your work'' ........

..hmmm.. she so posititive about it.... Me?..first, feel like I want to shout at her..but looking at her innocent face..I changed my mind.. and yes, I did say...'' what a beautiful made...'' then.. only I start my lecture......haha.

The final touch for my art painting... this is my master piece..

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