Friday, 17 July 2009

Cardiff Jun-Dis 07 : Lets the pictures talk...


Today, is the last day 0f school.. The school will closed for summer holiday from tomorrow, 18 July to 06 September 2009.

( Next September, my son will go to high school.. my second child..Year 5 and...ooooh my Little one will start her full time.. reception)

My children can't wait to stay at from school.. however me? hmm....I need to start thinking a new activities for them...There are few thoughts came to my minds... such as go to the library and rock climbing... also the most important is study ,hehe ( yup.. mathematics.. , science and B. Melayu..and P.Islam..). Okay.. that's all for today..

Whoops by the way, I just want to share.. a few pictures of us.. ( from our album 2007).
It seems like yesterday...but... Springwood Primary School..Jun 2007
.. the only Malay at this school..
and the only Malay family at this area.

Our daily route to school..
My son.. kicking the ball.. from home to school..almost everyday.
What a great chance he had..
A peaceful area....with beautiful surrounding..

My daughters infront of Top Infant Class..or Year One.
at Springwood Primary School. children's faces..
It seems like only yesterday.. I snapped all this pictures..
As the time flies so fast .. they grow up and change so fast too..
It is true..enjoy them whislt they are little
because everything will pass by in a blink of an eye.

My Little One and her first drawing.. at playschool.
(and.. potato, she called it Potato Head)
Jun 2007.

...again.. with her drawing..
She so proud of it.

My Little One with her first doll and first doll's push chair at Cardiff..
If I'm not mistaken..this doll name's Mimi.

Morning..ready to go to school..
My son attended a year 4 whereas his sister.. a year 1.

.. '' Mirror, mirror on the wall..who is the cutest and talkative after all..?'' is Little One.

My sweet little action.

My Sweet Honey Pie with her favourite dolls..
Jun 2007
Llanedeyrn, Cardiff.

In action..
at Springwood Primary School..and our home at Llanedeyrn, Cardiff.

Breakfast.. on 15 December 2007
and ready for a family outing city centre

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