Friday, 4 September 2009

Thinking of you..


.. nasyeed songs has been replaced with a few songs that remind me of the year.. when I first met my beloved husband.. what a sweet memories..Thinking of it , always put a smile upon my face..and make me laugh too .. it's quite funny . Exactly like in a malay movies.. in 60's era . ( a few of my friends did give that comment when they knew about it.)

We were not studying at the same university and not even in the same school......thus, never cross my mind that he is my soulmate... that's we called fate, right..?

Sometimes , as memories of our story drift through my mind .. it feels so wonderful to remember back all the sweet memories during that old times.. (hmm.. hardly describe my feeling...but it always put me on smile..including the moment ..''will you marry me?'' .. haha ).Well, yeah of course there were a bitter memories too..but , just let it go, right? It's not worth it to remember old those nonsense things..Is it nonsense? Yup.

May be one day.. we can go back to that place.. together.. just to remember the moment we first met each other on that Friday morning.. about 10 a.m, and ended with my husband rushed to the National Mosque for Friday Prayer in a very heavy storm and lightning..

..three song from my playlist.. have their own stories behind.. hmm.... however, it's enough to say.. at that time, for me it's very difficult to distinguish between infatuation and love. Therefore, we just let time decide for it.. then.. tadaaaa.. we engaged and get married a month after...and now, blessed with three wonderful children ..Alhamdulillah.

May Allah bless our marriage till the end of our life...

Good to share with all of you.. qoutes ;

'' The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge''
- Bertrand Russell

''It is not a lack of love, but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages''
- Friedrich
'' A succesful marriage requires falling in love many times,
..always with the same person
- Mignon McLaughlin


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