Monday, 7 September 2009

The apples of my eyes : Today is my first day...

''I'm ready mom..''
Today is my Little One first day in Reception class... full time.. from 9 to 2.55 pm.

She asked me to snap a few pictures of herself this morning..
..exactly like I did to her brother's first day.. last week.

..look at her face.. she's waiting for her siblings..

She kept on saying..
'' Hazim...Iman..hurry up, we are late ...''
Actually, they were not late..only she's too early.

She in good spirit on her first day..and she promised me..that she will work hard at school.. Thus I gave her a big hug and kiss on her forehead ..and said..

'' I know you will work hard..dear..
just like your brother, Hazim..and your sister, Iman

Finally, Ninian Primary School

As predicted, we were too early.. my daughter, Iman said, '' may be today is holiday mom..''
''there's no one here..what is the time now , mom..?''
she's worried too much...

Thereupon..we asked her to wait another 5 minutes... Later, we can see parents and their children slowly approching the school gates..

My Little One..and her beloved dad..

I still remember our little conversation this morning..before I left her...

''don't worry mom ..I'm a big girl now.. I know how to look after my self ''
..and when I said to her.. '' I'm going to miss you..''
She replied back, '' ooooo I will come back .. and I miss you too''

and usual ..another favourite words ..
'' mama nanti datang ambil Izzah cepat-cepat tau ..''

''we wish you have a wonderful day for your first day in reception class''

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