Saturday, 3 July 2010

From Desa Alam.. Today is 03072010


It has been a long time since my last update. Honestly, we still in a process to get our life back on track after our 'long vacation' at UK. ( vacation?.. at least for me and our kids..and of course not for my beloved hubby )

So, what I've been busy with? Mostly about getting some things done for my family..yeah.. running the house and assisting the kids with their school works and at the same time parenting.. (fuh!..really a hard job to do). ..and back to my favourite job.. as a school teacher
( ..finally got my favourite job back.. after spending my time as a cleaner, helper, ironer, and production Cardiff..).

However, sometimes I do miss my life back at Cardiff. ( haha ..I have confessed at last. Well as a human..this is normal..right?). Nevertheless, life must goes on. All this while, I always think of my husband studies.. hoping and praying that he will successfully complete his studies within 3 years.. ( and.. Thanks to Allah, he did it ) Nonetheless, my ultimate aim is different now.Can say that on my mind, only focusing on my childrens.

As the time flies, they grown.. Looking at them presently and those in a our videos collection and pictures really touched my hearts. From a tiny-miney fingers.. I hold them.. now, sometimes they gripped my hand back..tighten. Still fresh in my mind how I taught them to read their first words.. and recognised their first alphabets and numbers..Now, able to compose a very good story and sweet poems on their own.. ( of course .. not the Little One .. she's still struggling learning how to read...).

Okay..time's up. Till we meet again .. Wassalam.

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