Friday, 2 October 2009

..Busy hours..


Honestly, I'm in no mood to update this site... Besides, I have no idea what to write about..
plus... quite busy with my daily routine.. hmmm..really? ..I just can't think of any other good reason to give...., just want to share with all of you...part of our activities this evening.

Me? usual sitting infront of my PC.. Actually, I want to continue my work..on 'excel'.. but can't concentrate on what I'm doing... my three wonderful kids keep asking me about 'this and that'..regarding their homework and art work..

My daughter with her maths... hmm.. good to see her doing maths.
( which is my favourite subject)

She kept on asking me... ''am I'' and ..'' how to do this.. '' and...etc.
..almost every question...hmmm just imagine ...

''Be patience with your daughter, mom..''
( at the same time I keep reminding my self.. she needs me. Honestly, I found my self a little bit difficult to teach my own child with all those simple simple..that's the main reason...)

This is my little one...

Yeah, of course she had no homework.. but she kept herself busy with her drawing..
Again just like her sister...almost every minute.., '' mom, can you spot the difference between this and that..'' and etc..

again.. ''Be patience with your daughter, mom..''
She needs you.

.. this is my boy... doing his homework about ''Time Line''
a similar stories like his other siblings... need my assistance.....

My kids kept my self occupied all the time and I can't do my 'homework' ..( ..currently I'm helping my husband with his 'graph'...- only a little help from me ..) and not even can watching the 'drama' from TV3 website and You Tube..( just a little entertainment for my self..)

Anyhow, it's worth spending time in assisting and talking to the three of them... They are hard work, they never give up on whatever they're doing ..exactly like their beloved dad.

To my I always told the three of you..

"The secret to winning is constant, consistent management."
- Tom Landry

''Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is."
- Vince Lombardi

"You have to know you can win.
You have to think you can win.
You have to
- Sugar Ray Leonard


"You're not obligated to win.
You're obligated to keep trying to do the best
- Marion Wright Edelman.

How about their dad? At this time,. he is busy too... at his 'school'..

To my beloved husband..
''Aim for the moon if you miss,
you still land amongst the stars!

Our children and me..will never stop praying for you dear...
We love you..

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