Monday, 26 October 2009

Lets Play..251009 of fascinating the park..
with the grey...cloudy sky.. son..scootering.

''..aaaaaa ..''
... on a high speed..

now.. Iman's turn ..scootering..

finally, Izzah's..turn..

the three of them playing together..
It always a great feeling to see them playing nicely together.

another 'snap' at the park..

.. wet ..wet..wet.. grass.. grey sky.. yellow trees..
it creates a peaceful view..

one of my children's favourite place at that park..

''...come play with me..sis..''

..our precious children..

my children..always remember this..
'''s a not about winning ...

but making the effort to win is..''

..this place will be missed..

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Anonymous said...

haha very funny you can see my photo