Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Family Outing : Fruit Picking ..Now and then..

Hi.... and salam..

Starting from tomorrow.. I'm not available .. Why?.. I let you know next week... Insya Allah.

Thus, today before I'm off from blogging and visiting my site..I would like to share with all of you.. a few pics.. regarding our experience in fruit picking..this summer at Court Farm, Tillington ..somewhere at Herefordshire, England and a few pics from last summer, strawberry picking (actually, all the berries families as well...) at PYO, Brecon, Wales.

How it tastes? ..can't describe in words.. but, we fall in love with it after eating it,
hehe, just imagine...
... hmm.. wild flower..
Beautiful daisy..
..yellow plums... hmm..sweet and juicy..

'eating' apples..
(there are two types of apple here..cooking apple such as Bramley..and eating apple..sorry can't remember their names )

..red plums..
another juicy and sweet...LOVE IT!
.. at this moment ..I'm thinking of muffin blueberries..

From last year..album..
Hmm.. just let the pictures talk...

okay..that's all for today.. ( I'm running out of time.. !)

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