Saturday, 1 August 2009

Day Nine 090509 : Bath Part 3

More about ' From Malaysia with Love'..
..miss all of you... especially Mak dan Abah..

Next..we passing through Alkmaar Garden.
This garden is a simple garden ..yet the little children loved it.

Again, we grabbed the oppurtunity to take as many photos as we can .....
My mom and dad..... found their own sweet place to sit down and relax..
It's alright it were your vacation..
so take as many time as you want for your selves..

Continued walking... we heading to a gift shop.. Why?
well of course to get any affordable souveniers..

While a few of us stepped into the shop, the rest.. found their own place to relax again..
The Little Ones..Atin and Izzah..had their free entertainment.., pigeons. They couldn't help themselves from chasing the pigeons ..which seems friendly to them..but actually, not.

Then..we kept on walking wandered around the town..This is the last city we brought the 'delegates' from Malaysia..before they returned back to our country Malaysia....

more pics..while we were there... and dad always lucky to have place to sit together.. relaxing..
I loved seeing them like these..romantic.hehe.

Finally, our 'journey 'at the city of Bath ended here. Phew! everybody really exhausted. Of course..we strolling through the town..for almost 3 hours..walking..

Then we stopped at 'this place' ( look at the photos..) again..which I forgot the name.. to have our 'simple lunch' which were only..buns, donuts, ..hmm..anyway, we really enjoyed the foods..hehe..( the truth.. we have choice...can't find any 'halal' shop here..)...

.....Next station... Clarks Village.. for shopping..

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